Cinco de Mayo Pop By

To my surprise these little gifts were a hit!  We were asked for more and more.  I’m so happy people loved them as this gives us the opportunity to get out and see you!  We had a great Cinco de Mayo lunch with the offices and hope you enjoyed yours as well.

Cinco de Mayo Pop bys

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Office locations: Walnut Creek, Vacaville, Paso Robles, San Ramon, El Sobrante, Danville and Campbell.

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3-2-1 Bonus!

321 Bonus

This idea came to us in 2014 and was implemented as a loyalty bonus for those loan originators that work at Envoy Mortgage at the time a loan funds and at the time the loyalty bonus hits. 

*As a side note this idea was brought to us by local employees in Northern, CA and sent up the flag pole.  As I’ve mentioned, my favorite thing about Envoy is that they listen.

Imagine this!  You are a loan originator and close loans each month.  Let’s say you close $1,000,000 each month and after the 1st quarter you’ve closed $3,000,000.  You’ve already received your commission as expected on that $3,000,000 and normally that’s all you get. 

Well at Envoy Mortgage you get more! 

With each quarter’s end you will receive a loyalty bonus, paying you extra Bps, on loans you closed the quarter before. But that’s not all… The following year you will get additional Bps on the previous year and previous quarter and then in year 3 you’ll receive Bps again on the loans you closed 2 years ago, 1 year ago and current production.


This can be hard to explain and understand but rest assured this can compound into an awesome bonus check that you aren’t expecting.  Perhaps you just received enough to take that vacation or do that something special, and all you did was close loans, like you’re doing now, but not getting bonuses…

We should really talk!  Call me and we’ll talk about getting you a bonus too!

Matt Steinmetz nmls# 221315




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10% Down Jumbo No MI

Here is a video that outlays two new jumbo products that only require 10% down.  

The two products are similar but different. Both allow up to 90% loan to value with no mortgage insurance however one of them allows for second and investment properties and even multiple units including non warrantable condos.
Please watch the video in contact me or comment below with any comments or questions thank you.


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Watch Out For Wire Fraud

 Industry friends: To learn more about joining Envoy Mortgage check out



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Here We Come!

The year has begun and we’ve hit the ground running with our pop by marketing!

We’ve created and supplied the first half of the year’s monthly marketing for our team and we’re receiving a great response!

With Chinese New Year coming first and then the Super Bowl we go into Valentine’s, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick’s, Easter, Cinco de Mayo and beyond.

I am excited to provide fun marketing pieces to our team and help as we grow our busines in 2017!

 Speaking of Super Bowl, click here to enter our contest and the winner gets a prize!

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Super Bowl Contest

To join our contest please click the following link and enter your details: Super Bowl

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FHA Lowers Monthly Mortgage Insurance

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Conventional Loan Limits Increase for 2017

Click here to see my original post of this on LinkedIn

See my other post for FHA loan limits!

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FHA Increases Loan Limits for 2017

Cut to the chase right!  The list of the 2,948 counties that will have higher FHA loan limits in 2017 is here 

In Contra Costa County the new limit is $636,150 which is up from $625,500.

See my next post which was posted prior about conventional loans also being increased!

Please comment below if I can help answer any questions or contact me directly.


See my other post for Conventional loan limit changes!…ncrease-for-2017/

Thank you for reading my post!

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Seven Things Your Agent Should Know About Your Mortgage Approval

While many experienced real estate agents have a general understanding of the mortgage approval process, there are a few important details that frequently get overlooked which may cause a purchase to be delayed or denied.

New regulation, updated disclosures, appraisal guidelines, mortgage rate pricing premiums, credit score, secondary approval layering, rescission deadlines, property type, HOA insurance requirements, title and property flip rules are just a few of the daily changes that can have a serious impact on a borrower’s home loan financing.

With today’s volatile lending environment, it’s obviously important for home buyers to get a full loan approval which clearly defines all contingencies that pertain to each unique home buyer’s scenario prior to spending any time looking at new homes with an agent.

Either way, we’ve listed a few of the top things your agent should keep in mind while showing you new properties:

Caution – Agents Beware:

Property Type –

High-Rise, Condo, Town House, Single Family Residence, Dome Home or Shoe House… all have specific lending guidelines that can influence down payment, credit score and mortgage insurance requirements.

Residence Type

Need to sell one home before moving into another? Is a property considered a second home if it’s in the same city?  What if I’m buying a home for my children to live in, it is still considered an investment property?

These are just a few of several possible residence related questions that should be addressed by your agent and loan officer at the initial loan application.

Rates / Locks

Mortgage Rates are typically locked for a 30 day period, and one of the only ways to get a new rate is to switch mortgage lenders.  Rates also have certain adjustments for property / residence type, credit score and down payment which could have a big impact on monthly payments and therefore approvals.

A 1% increase in rate could literally mean the difference between an approval or denial.

Headline News / Employment

Underwriters watch the news as well.  Borrowers who work in a volatile industry during hard economic times may have to jump through a few extra hoops to prove that their employment and income is secure.

Job changes, periods of unemployment or property location in relation to the subject property are other things to consider that may cause a speed bump in the approval process.

Title / Property Flip –

A Flip is considered a property that has been purchased by an investor and quickly sold to a new buyer within a 30-90 day period.  Generally, an investor will do a little rehab work, fresh paint, landscaping…. and try to re-sell the property for a significant profit margin.

While it seems like a perfectly fair transaction, many lenders have strict guidelines in place that prevent borrowers from obtaining financing on properties that have a previous owner with less than 90 days of documented ownership.

These rules change frequently, and are specific to particular property types, so make sure your agent is aware of all the boundaries associated with your approval letter.

Homeowner’s Association Insurance

Some lenders require Condos and Town House communities to have sufficient insurance and reserves coverage pertaining to specific ratios on units that are owner occupied vs rented.

It may also take a few weeks and cost up to $300 to receive an HOA Certification, so make sure your Due-Diligence period is set accordingly in the purchase contract.

Appraisal Ordering Procedures

Appraisal ordering guidelines are changing quite frequently as regulators implement many new consumer protection laws created to prevent future foreclosure epidemics.

Unfortunately, some of the new appraisal regulations have proven to slow the home buying process down, as well as confuse lenders about the true estimate of neighborhood values.

VA, FHA and Conventional loan programs all have separate appraisal ordering policies, so make sure your agent is aware of which loan you’re approved for so that they document any anticipated delays in the purchase contract.

For example, if an appraisal takes three weeks and the average time for an approval is two weeks, then it probably isn’t smart to write a purchase contract with a four week close of escrow.


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